Registration procedure patents - PCT procedure

Application filing date :
Before the end of the priority year of the first application, the priority of which is claimed.
Filing of the PCT patent application claiming of priority and payment of fees. This PCT application will largely adopt the contents of the previous application, and where necessary the contents are supplemented and adjusted.official fees PCT procedure:

filing fee
search fee
Transmission fee
€14/page > 30
A PCT or worldwide patent application is usually filed claiming the priority of an initial application filed (e.g. a Belgian, EU or Dutch initial application). By choosing the PCT route, the countries are chosen and the application is filed not as usual after 12 months, but after 30 months. This means that the choice of country with the associated costs is deferred for an additional 18 months.
between 23.10.2020 and 23.01.2021
Receipt of the novelty search report and the preliminary patentability opinionThe European Patent Office (EPO) performs a thorough search and provides a first preliminary patentability opinion. This search report is forwarded via WIPO, the international patent office, to the applicant.
publication of the application.
Choosing between Chapter I and II, i.e. with or without preliminary examination.If it is decided to carry out the Chapter I procedure (novelty search and patentability opinion), no examination takes place.

If a Chapter II procedure is chosen, in this procedure, the patentability will be investigated by an examiner. This has the advantage that feedback is obtained on adjustments/arguments for entering the national/regional phase (30 months after the priority date).
Further examination via the Chapter II procedure.official fees for the Chapter II-procedure:

Examination fee
Preliminary search fee
A response to a search report obtained is recommended to refute any objections raised. The more objections can be settled, the more positive the International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER) will be.
between 23.08.2019 and 23.12.2021
The IPER will be obtained after the Chapter II procedure.The IPER is a report in which the patentability of the invention is discussed. For each claim, the designated examiner will give his opinion as to whether the claim is new and inventive.

Subsequently, this report will be forwarded to the countries chosen.
between 23.02.2022 and 23.03.2022
End of the PCT route and of the international application. Start of the national and regional applications on the basis of the PCT application.Depending from the chosen countries.The PCT application should be converted into a set of national applications which will then be dealt with in accordance with national legislation.

The conversion of the PCT application into a national or regional application may be started for some or all countries of the International Patent Convention.

The costs of the national/regional application after a PCT procedure are roughly equivalent to the costs of directly filing national applications in each country, but the examination will be swifter and more efficient with a positive IPER.