Registration procedure patents - Dutch patent

Application filing date :
Filing a patent application, the application form and payment of the official fees.Official fees:

filing fee
national search fee
international search fee
Prior to the filing of a patent application, it is advisable to perform a state-of-art search. Brantsandpatents will consult various technical and patent databases to evaluate relevant publications and prior filed patent applications.
between 23.02.2020 and 23.05.2020
Receipt of the search report and the preliminary patentability opinion.The European Patent Office (EPO) performs a thorough search and provides a first preliminary patentability opinion. This search report is forwarded via the Dutch patent office to the applicant.
2 months after receipt of the official search report
Possible adaptation of the patent claims (scope of protection), the description and the abstract.After notification of the novelty search report and the patentability opinion, the applicant may adapt the claims. An adaptation is recommended if the novelty search has revealed a state-of-the-art that adversely affects the novelty aspect.
End of the priority year. Corresponding applications will have to be filed prior to this date.Depending on the designated countries.After a first application you can subsequently file corresponding applications in another country or region. This later filed application can invoke the priority right of the previously filed application within 12 months after first filing.
Grant and publication of the patent.From the date on which a patent is granted, the holder has the right to forbid any third party from committing any infringing act. The register records data regarding the patent and indicates whether any licences have been granted.
between 23.02.2023 and 23.08.2039
Payment of the official annual feesDutch annual official fees:

4th: € 40
5th: €100
6th: €160
7th: €220
8th: €280
9th: €340
10th: €400
11th: €500
12th: €600
13th: €700
14th: €800
15th: €900
16th: €1000
17th: €1100
18th: €1200
19th: €1300
20th: €1400
An annual fee has to be paid in order to maintain a Dutch patent. This annual fee is paid in advance for the following year. The first annual fee for a Belgian patent is paid three years after the application was filed (the annual fee for the fourth year). If the annual fee is not paid, the patent lapses. A Dutch patent is valid for a maximum of 20 years. The table shows the officially determined amounts.

Brantsandpatents will keep track of these deadlines and make the necessary payments in time. It will charge an additional administrative fee for this service.
Expiry of the patent.The maximum period of protection of a Dutch patent is 20 years from the date on which the application was filed.