Registration procedure patents - European patent

Application filing date :
Filing a patent application, the application form and payment of the official fees.Official fees

filing fee
search fee
€15 per page >35
Prior to the filing of a patent application, it is advisable to perform a state-of-art search. Brantsandpatents will consult various technical and patent databases to evaluate relevant publications and prior filed patent applications.
between 17.04.2020 and 17.07.2020
Receipt of the search report and the preliminary patentability opinion.The European Patent Office (EPO) performs a thorough search and provides a first preliminary patentability opinion.
End of the priority year. Corresponding applications will have to be filed prior to this date.Depending on the designated countries.A first application can subsequently be filed in a further country or region. This later filed application can invoke the priority right of the previously filed application within 12 months after first filing.
Publication of the patent applicationThe patent application is published ('A' publication) and can also be consulted via Espacenet. If the novelty report is not yet available, it will be published at a later date.
The examination takes approximately 2-5 years.
The application is examined. Does the application meet the requirements to obtain a patent?€1635-1825
Examination fee
Designation fee
Extension fee
Once the examination has started, the appointed examiner will study the application. His findings are forwarded in 'office actions'. A response to these will be formulated and if necessary the claims will be adapted in order to lead to a patent. If the invention is not new and/or inventive, no patent will be granted.
between 17.12.2023 and 17.08.2025
variable period which can last long.
Grant of the patent€925
Grant fee
After the text of the application has been approved, the claims are translated into French and German and a patent can be granted.
Until 3 months after grant
National division.Depending from the member states.After a European patent has been granted, it is split up into a set of national patents of the member states. A translation and an associated fee payment may be demanded. The member states also levy an annual maintenance fee for their country.

Brantsandpatents will keep track of these deadlines per country and pay the official annual fees in time. For this service, it will charge an additional administrative fee.
Until 9 months after grant.
Possible opposition by third parties against the patent.Third parties (i.e. competitors) may oppose the granting of the patent and institute a separate opposition procedure which may last several years.
After 24 months and each subsequent year until grant.
European annual fee until the granting of the patent, after which national annual fees should be paid.European official annual fee:

3th €470
4th €585
5th €820
6th €1050
7th €1165
8th €1280
9th €1395
10 until 20th: €1575
For the third and subsequent years, counting from the date on which the application was filed, an annual fee has to be paid to maintain the patent application or the patent. After 24 months, a first annual fee therefore has to be paid for the third year.

Brantsandpatents will keep track of this deadline and pay in time. For this it will charge an additional administrative fee.
Verval van het octrooi.De maximale beschermingsduur bedraagt 20 jaar vanaf indiening.
In bijzondere gevallen kan deze verlengd worden met behulp van een aanvullend beschermingscertificaat (Pharma, Agro) en pediatrische extensie (Pharma) in geselecteerde landen.