Registration procedure trademarks - International (Madrid system)

Application filing date :
filing of the application for international registration.official fees:
1/ basic fees:
653 CHF in 3 classes +
100 CHF per additional class.

2/ per country claimed:
min. 100 CHF
The application for international registration must be based on an application for the trademark in the holder's country of origin. The application must be filed with the administration of the country of origin (ACO). In the application, the countries for which the registration is applied for must be indicated (à la carte system). A fee is payable per country claimed.
between 23.09.2019 and 23.10.2019
Examination of formal requirement by ACOACO examines the formal requirements and forwards the application to WIPO in Geneva.
between 23.10.2019 and 23.12.2019
Examination of formal requirements by WIPO.WIPO examines the formal requirements (including the classification of goods and services).
between 23.10.2019 and 23.12.2019
Issuance of international certificate of registration.After the formal examination WIPO submits a certificate of registration to the applicant or his representative. Since the national phase of the procedures is yet to commence, this does not imply that registration has been secured in the countries claimed.
between 23.10.2019 and 23.12.2019
Forwarding of the application by WIPO to the national administrations.After the formal examination the application is forwarded to the national administrations of the countries claimed in the application. Your application will then be treated as if it were a national application in each of the countries claimed (according to the national legislation). Each country determines individually whether the application is acceptable. A refusal in one country does not affect the application in the other claimed countries.
between 23.11.2020 and 23.08.2021
End of objection period.The national administrations must notify WIPO of possible objections or oppositions no later than 12 to 18 months after having been notified of the application. WIPO will then forward this office action to the applicant or his representative.

Possible objections must be dealt with according to the national legislation and procedure, in general in cooperation with of local representatives/attorneys.

If no objections are raised during that period, the mark can be assumed to be accepted and registered in the countries claimed.
Renewal of the registration.1/ basic fees:
653 CHF in 3 classes +
100 CHF per additional class

2/ per country claimed:
min. 100 CHF
After 10 years, the international registration can be renewed for an additional period of 10 years, providing that the renewal fees (fees per country claimed) have been paid.
between 23.08.2019 and 23.11.2102
At any time!
Extension of the international registration to other countries.1/ basic fee:
300 CHF

2/ per country claimed:
min. 100 CHF
At any time, the international registration can be extended to other countries that belong to the international system. Extension fees are to be paid, as well as a fee per new claimed country.

As is the case with a new international application, the further national phase will commence as described above.