IP strategy


Brantsandpatents may help you developing an optimal IP strategy, tailored on the needs of your company. Intellectual Property rights are gaining importance within the development of an overall business strategy and should be perceived as a crucial business asset. Although IP rights are rather intangible assets which may not have the same obvious value as material assets, they often prove to be even more valuable and critical to a company’s long-term success. Brantsandpatents can help you defining the innovative ideas within your company and will guide you towards the establishment of a solid IP portfolio, with an emphasis on patents models and trademarks.



Patent Portfolio analysis


Brantsandpatents may equally provide an analysis of an existing portfolio. During such analysis the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio are assessed and if necessary, optimization measures are proposed. The value and strength of each patent or application is determined and the core patents/applications of the portfolio are identified (by taken the business objectives into account). In a final step, future strategic steps with regards to the portfolio are proposed.



Due diligence


During an IP due diligence, an IP portfolio of a target company is examined and analyzed, for instance in view of a potential licensing agreement. Ideally, all involved ip assets (patents, trademarks, copyrights) are examined and strength, scope, freedom-to-operate and enforceability is determined.



Licensing and contractual agreements


Brantsandpatents may equally assist you in the preparation and drafting of licensing agreements and in the conducting of negotiations.



Fiscal optimization


Various governments stimulate innovation through fiscal incentives such as patent income deduction. Brantsandpatents has a large in-house knowledge of the available fiscal measures and also collaborates with tax experts.



Monitoring and periodical IP searches


Monitoring of IP matters of competitors may provide a powerful insight in the business strategy of those competitors. Brantsandpatents may equally provide you with periodical IP overviews within a certain technology field.



Plant Variety Protection


The protection of a specific plant variety occurs by a plant variety certificate. Brantsandpatents may assist you with the application for a (community) plant variety right. In addition, Brantsandpatents may assist you in appeal and litigation procedures with regards to plant variety certificates.